The Crown Inn: 5 star British Pub / Inn / Restaurant

Media: Photography / HDSLR Video / Post Production / 360 Degree Images

Behind the scenes
I was contacted about this project by a friend whom I photographed an annual report for in London back in 2005. The agency he worked at the time with were looking to totally redesign the Crown Inn Elton image and required photography, HD video and 360 degree virtual images.

I had 2 and half days to film three interviews, photograph and film all the rooms, the food, music in the evening and other potential  promo marketing shots and to shoot the 360 virtual reality images of the AA accredited 5 star rated bedrooms.

Challenges on this production were time and organisation.
My method of working with HDSLR cameras is part of the rise of micro crews [or often as is the case just me]. This means I can set-up many different shots far quicker than conventional large crew productions, saving time and money whilst not compromising on production values.

Time was against me throughout the shoot even though I had gone up a week before on a recee to help storyboard the shoot, do ighting setups although natural took time in some of the small spaces to get right. My assistant and sound engineer helped greatly to speed the setups along.

After every video setup I would change settings and shoot raw high quality photographs, although my video style is to frame video to my photography approach the change overs still needed tweaking especially as I was filming scenes with the use of a glide track. Also, when I needed to photograph in portrait mode I had to make even more changes. Perhaps 3 cameras instead of 2 would have been handy.

Post production:
The HD video you can watch above is my edited vision of the Crown Inn.
The brief was to make the Crown’s video look luxurious and this is what I set out to do through subtle grading and dip to black transitions during the edit.
The music is a demo song kindly provided by musician and composer Gareth Moss.

The 360 degree virtual images were taken after I had filmed and photographed all the rooms on the final day. I went from room to room and did a quick check that all measurements and calibrations were accurate and then the time consuming work  is done in post, stitching the images together.

The Crown Inn ale and working on a new project that has already interested other similar establishments and clients who commented on the production values.

Gear & Tech
Quite a lot of gear was used on this shoot, of course the Canon 5d mark II cameras, a range of F1.2 and F1.4 prime lenses and zooms, I took the great Canon TS-E 24mm F3.5 L with me but didn’t have time to use it, which was a shame, a glide track which was much better and more economical than laying down tracks given the time constraints.
Lights, a set of tungsten red heads and daylight bulbs with soft boxes. Sound was recorded to zoom h4n devices and synced in post.
Nodal Ninja panoramic head with 8mm fish eye lens for the 360VR work.