Tatler Magazine: Event

Behind the scenes
Tatler magazine was the client and they organised a children’s event in the kids department at Selfridges Oxford street.

On site I set up a white background and used a wireless Quantum flash set up with soft box.
Immediate onsite printing was required so I hired a dye sublimation printer that was connected to my laptop which in turn my camera was tethered to.

Once I had taken a picture the children and families would go to the computer screen and choose their favourite images [my assistant helped me with this stage as this was a 2 person job]

Tatler had provided me with 2 mock up front covers, one for boys and one for girls. I created a batch command to add this layer to the photos and then automatically send to print.

As I used a dye-sub printer the prints were finished and dry 30 seconds later and then put into card frames. The job was for 2hrs and the service I provided was very popular so we printed lots of images and quite a few were of the Tatler staff getting in on the dressing up fun.

Its always essential to test equipment and set-ups before any shoot. Once I had the dye-sub printer delivered and all the necessary drivers installed and updated I made a test run through of the workflow in my office of my wife and daughter [see photo above].

Gear & Tech
Canon 5d mark II
Canon F2.8 L zoom lenses
Quantum Q flashes with soft box
Quantum Turbo 2×2
Pocket wizard radio transmitters
I was tethered to my laptop throughout the shoot for client viewing
Background and supports
Dye Sub printer