Interview with Liberal Democrat Party Rt Hon David Laws MP

Media: DSLR Filming / Post Production

Behind the scenes
The above video clip is under 6 mins and highlights KM production values on this and similar jobs.

This was filmed at the IEA HQ in Westminster.
We set up 3 cameras, one at the back of the crowded room and one on either side of the stage.
There was no time for a sound check as the MP and IEA director walked in, put the mics on and started the interview.
No setup lighting was used [high iso on the Canon’s].

Post production
As usual I film with at least 3 full HD cameras and it was great to be able to cut between cameras to create an engaging final video for all viewers.
The only problem is the edit takes longer with 3 separate timelines. I also film with flat picture profiles and grade the footage.

One thing I would change would be that I would have liked a fourth camera on the audience for some reaction cutaways [but this also adds to the overall budget of the production].

However, you only have to compare this production to the more common approach of simply pressing record from a camera at the back of the room and occasionally zooming in, which unfortunately I see far too often for companies and organisations that could have higher production value filming.

If you’re interested in viewing the full 1hr interview you can do so on here on the clients Vimeo channel which I upload and assist them with.

Gear and Tech
Sony NEX FS100 [back of the room camera]
2 x Canon 5d Mark II DSLR cameras
Canon 70-200mm F2.8 IS and Canon 100-400 L IS
Zoom h4n with Sennheiser lapel mics x 2
3 x Manfrotto video tripods and 3 x video heads
Pluraleyes for syncing of all 3 cameras with the master audio

ā€œIā€™m absolutely delighted with the service we receive from Karim at Creative Visual Services. The photos and the multi camera video productions we receive are always imaginative, elegant and beautifully shot. Very highly recommended indeed.ā€
Mark Littlewood, Director General of the IEA