Profile: The IEA

Media: Photography / HD Video / Post Production

Behind the scenes
The Institute of Economic Affairs is one of several charity organisations I work with.
I initially worked indirectly for them for many years through another company
Marketforce [see this post for their profile] but over the last 18months I have
worked more closely with the organisation.

I am regularly commissioned to photograph the IEA’s high profile events such as
visits from Baroness Thatcher, The State of Economy conferences and annual
Hayek lectures. I also produce creative HD videos with multi cameras of their flag ship events [micro crew productions].

In 2010 the IEA created a new website and produced print brochures and I was again commissioned to photograph their premises at Westminster and take staff portraits.

I have done quite a lot of jobs to this format over the years and a typical photo shoot like
this would take around 4hrs depending on the size of the organisation /
company, the specific brief and the budget available. Larger scale jobs but with a similar format take 1-2 days.

The above selection of photos highlights the types of photography the IEA request and use in their pr, marketing, press and website.

HD Video Productions:
Above you can view selected video clips from The State of Economy 2011 full day conference and the 2010 Hayek lecture.
I have made these examples of my production style approximately 6mins as I don’t expect viewers to view conferences up to 2hours in length.
However, if you are interested in economics and the topics discussed you can view The State of Economy here and the Hayek lecture here.

I had the idea at The State of Economy conference to film the students who attended the conference at the lectern with 2 cameras and the client was
particularly pleased with the presentation of this.

All audio is recorded directly from the sound mixing boards at these events and synced with the multiple cameras in post production using Pluraleyes.

In addition to the video I photographed both events, some examples of which are in the photo gallery above. As usual the IEA could view the photos after
the event on a KMPhotos web gallery and download the high-res versions.

Gear & Tech
Canon 5d mark II
Canon L F2.8 zoom lenses 16 -200mm  / 100-400 IS / 1.4 extender for events
Reflectors and 50mm & 85mm F1.2 primes for portraits
Quantum wireless flash system with softboxes