Profile: Marketforce Events

Media: Photography / HD Video / Post Production / 360 Degree Images


Behind the scenes
Leading conference organiser: Marketforce

For 11 years I have been photographing half / full day or three day conferences with evening drinks receptions, excursions and dinners and one of my event clients is Marketforce.
Most conferences that I am booked for take place in 4 and 5 star hotels and institutes in central London but some are out of London and others in European cities.

Over the years I have developed an all encompassing checklist of what images to lookout for and cover on conference style jobs and this list is also something I supply to colleagues who work for me on events when I have double bookings.
Working as I do in many other image fields and industries means that I bring fresh techniques and ‘eyes’ to event and conference style jobs. Without this I fear that a photographer’s look can get tired.

As always for my clients and the attendees they can view a web gallery online and the full set of images from the conference are made available for download.
Images are also available as a ‘license to use’ for the attendees/delegates own company usage after an event.
I also deal with picture and news desks and have had my work printed in national newspapers such as the Financial Times and online news websites.

Above is a very small slideshow of highlights from 2005 to 2011.

Gear & Tech
Canon 5d mark II cameras
Canon L F2.8 zoom lenses 16 -200mm
Wireless Quantum Flash setup with radio triggers