Philippines: Good Friday crucifixions

                                                                                                                           Media: Photography

As it’s the Easter holiday, I thought it was an appropriate time to dig out an old photojournalism story of mine.
I saw this story picked up in the Guardian and this brought back some memories. Some, like getting blood droplets splashed in my face from the whips was not one I will forget. Others like the amazing people and culture of this country I will remember fondly.
Images at the time were sent through to CameraPress.

Crucifixion ritual in the small village of Cutud in San Fernando city, 80km [50 miles] north of the capital Manila, Philippines.
The day is a re-enactment of Christ’s crucifixion on Good Friday. In total nine people [penitents] were nailed to crosses.
Hooded and half naked men can be seen flogging themselves with bamboo whips on route to the crucifixion site.