Music Video: I Was There (Where Were You?) – Le Grind

Media: DOP

Photo credits: Nick Catt & Atherton Rebecca

Behind the scenes
This is the second music video I’ve worked on as DOP for Gareth Moss and as always I was excited to help bring his clear and stylish vision to the screen.

The night before filming I picked up my second Canon C100 camera with about 5mins before closing for Easter weekend.
I’m so pleased I did as for most of the white scenes I had 2 cameras recording at the same time. One on a tripod and the other on a 561 monopod or a rig and off course this makes grading far easier having footage from two matching cameras.

We had a couple of pre production meetings to discuss Gareth’s storyboards and visited the studio before filming and the actual shoot was over one day on the 30th March 2013.

There were two main setups, an infinity white look and the club scene.

Both were shot facing a similar direction in a 20ft x 20ft foot studio. The flooring was wood so we used 2.73m white paper rolls for the floor to create the infinity white studio look.

One issue was that the space was not really big enough for the full length total 3 shot as it required the Tokina 11-16mm lens and the side walls would occasionally appear in shot, solved in post production.

For the club scene, large black polyboards were put in front of the white walls to go from white to black.
I had to be mindful where I pointed the camera as the polyboards were not very high and I didn’t want to see the white walls above them.
As the scene was dark to film in I relied more on focus peaking on the screen to see what was in focus.

Another first on the day was my new Varavon Tilt jib [T3 model]. When this was fully extended [9.5ft] the camera was so close the musicians [who needed to be as far away as possible from the white walls to blow out the white and have no spill] that only the Tokina 11-16mm would just get all the action in frame.
Still I’m glad I gave it a go as it added to the overall production values and was used throughout the final edit.

Importantly for speed and workflow to move cameras between tripod – monopod – slider – Jib – rig is a universal camera plate with quick release.
In my case Manfrotto long or short plates with QR plates. Obviously having two bodies is also a big help.

The lips macro close were made possible with my amazing Canon 100mm IS F2.8 macro lens, I love how sharp this lens is.
Focusing on this lens is critical and I think I shot at around F6.3 and pushed the iso to around 5000 which is no problem on these sensors and we had no time to relight.

It was great to have Gregg Luscombe onboard, we’ve worked together before and I thought we worked especially well on the club scene where I would move with a rig and he would follow with a dedolight in his hand as a spot light.

I’m excited to see how BIG this song will get and the single will be released on the 15th July.

Warning: This song will stay in head. To keep up to date or find out more visit their site below.

Here’s to the next music video shoot…..

Gear & Tech

Canon C100 x 2
Glidetrack Hybrid HD slider
Canon 70-200 IS F2.8L / Canon 17-55 IS F2.8 / Samyang 35mm 1.4, Sigma 50mm 1.4, Canon 100mm F2.8IS
Tokina 11-16mm F2.8
Gini shoulder rig
Varavon Tilt jib [T3 model]
Video tripod
Manfrotto 561 monopod
Glidetrack HD 0.75m slider

Lighting Kit:
Dedo 150w 4 Head Kit
Diva Lite 2Ft 4 Bank Kit
Arri 750 watts x 2
Arri 300 watts x 2