Kenexa London world conference with Dame Kelly Holmes

Media: DSLR Videography / Photography


Behind the scenes
£37000 worth of kit. 6 x broadcast quality HD video cameras and 2 x HDSLR cameras for photography = our production approach to the Kenexa 2012 world conference in London.

We knew this would be a big project and it didn’t disappoint. I project managed my team on the day and sorted out all the kit beforehand, met with the A/V company and attended a pre production meeting before the event and discussed details with Kenexa USA.

We went for a range of HD video cameras, 4 x Canon XF 100 cameras, 1 x Canon XF305 and 1 x Sony FS100 with a new metabones converter for our Canon EF lenses.

Interviews were filmed on the Sony FS100 with a Canon 50mm prime lens.
At the start of the day a dynamic 3 point lighting setup was created with a dedolight kit. Unfortunately we only managed to film one person with this setup which also included a Canon XF305 for a multi camera angle on this interview.

Later in the day we had a more run and gun approach and got in the thick of the delegates networking and socialising with a hand held mic [for speed and due to the noise levels in the room] and the FS100 on a tripod and filmed with available light or with the help of an off camera LED light panel.

An example of a few of these interviews can be viewed above along with an example of our multi camera angle event filming production style.

We had 3 videographers with 2 cameras each. When altogether in the Grand hall [at the Grand Connaught Rooms in London] that meant we had 6 cameras on hand which was great.
Later in the day the format changed to 3 breakout sessions and each room had 2 cameras, one for a wide angle and the other a close up of the speaker.

Whilst making sure all was running smoothly with crew and kit I was also the photographer, something I have a decade of experience in. Examples are viewable in the slideshow gallery above, the client received double the amount shown here.

We had 14 x 32gb SanDisk extreme 60MB CF cards and still needed to transfer and format the cards during the day. This was all done via usb 3 card readers so was as quick as possible.

We usually film our events as a 2 person crew with 3 or 4 cameras. Having to organise everything for this job was more challenging but the lessons learnt mean that next time we will be more even more streamlined.

Gear and Tech
Canon XF100 x 4
Canon XF305
Sony NEX FS100
Canon 5DMKII DSLR cameras x 2
Canon 5omm EF F1.4 / Canon 24-70mm F2.8L / Canon 70-200 IS F2.8L
6 x video tripods
3 x headphones
14 x 32GB CF cards
64GB SD cards
Lots of XLR leads
LED lightpanel
Dedolight kit