I’m not a wedding photographer or videographer, am I ?

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Behind the scenes
The day usually comes for all photographers when a friend asks ‘would you mind taking a few snaps at my wedding’.
I couldn’t and didn’t want to decline but was a little apprehensive as I find it difficult to find a balance between relaxing at an event and going into full photojournalism work mode.

On top of the official wedding photography duties, I was one of three best men which meant we were all uneasy making last minute changes to our speech and trying our best to incorporate some French into the speeches so that the wedding congregation which was at least half French would have a clue what we were talking about.

And I had my 8 month pregnant wife and 2 year old daughter with me and wanted to also enjoy the day with the family.

I did manage not to go into full work mode and as the wedding was in France I carried only a light version of all my kit with me.

Below is an edited highlights selection from the full set of images given to the bride and groom and made available for download to all guests.

The vintage look is the theme the bride chose and it worked well. However, I’m not a fan of the over processed vintage look or Instagram images but these I believe are a good balance between the original and a heavily processed vintage look using a set of custom filters applied to the images.

The bride and groom also received a full set of images without the filters applied which are more saturated and punchy and have a different feel to the image.

As I also film in HD often with the same HDSLR cameras, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to film some personal messages to the bride and grooms from family and friends.

After the clips had been colour graded I invited the bride and groom over to watch the 12 minute clip in full HD on a big screen and there were a few emotional tears which meant it was all worth it.

As these messages are personal from their nearest and dearest I’m not making the clip viewable on this blog post [available in the client gallery for the wedding guests only].
However, I took several frame grabs so you can get an idea of the look and feel of the cinematic style I shoot.

I also put my compact video camera, balanced carefully on a video monopod [561b with feet] and recorded the ceremony in the town hall from an elevated position.

The wedding invitations were handmade original designs and professionally printed by Hilke Meyer [the first image is the invite].

Finally, I come back to the statement / question of ‘I’m not a wedding photographer or videographer, am I ?’
Well, I had such positive feedback back from the photo and video blog post I made in the client gallery section I may pick and choose one or two next summer, I’m not sure if we would only offer multi camera cinematic style HD video productions or a photography – film combination as I do for other clients.

I have also noticed that reportage style wedding photography is very sought after at present, being discrete, capturing caught moments and adapting to any given situation is part of my photojournalism and press work so who knows maybe I can be a wedding photographer / videographer.

Let’s just say I’m now on the lookout for a proposed wedding that is a different from the rest, be it the theme or venue, so if you’re planning or know someone who is planning their special day and feel my style is right for then please get in touch.


Some of the comments:

Just wanted to say Sarah and I were extremely impressed with your work Karim, you are a very talented chap.

Thank you so much for the blog and photos, they are really fantastic and brought back all the extreme emotion of that wonderful day. The videos were great also and I was set off once more by Pat even though I didn’t understand what she was saying!

Must of been hard for you to enjoy the wedding when you were so busy with the photos but I hope that you were able to relax after your best men’s speech which was hilarious by the way.

Stunning photos Karim!!

Brilliant job  –  you’ve captured all the emotions and vitality of the wedding!

We hardly noticed that you were taking pictures.

Karim – those pictures are beautiful, you are seriously talented.

Gear & Tech
Canon 5D MKII
Canon 24-70mm F2.8L / Canon 70-200 IS F2.8L
Rode Videomic Pro
Manfrotto 561b monopod
No flash used


Frame grabs from the videos: