Hay Group: Financial Services Industry corporate video

Media: Videography / Post production services / Motion Graphics

Behind the scenes
This corporate video was made to complement a report and press release launched in May 2013 to the financial services industry and I got to work with a new team within the client who were great.

I took elements from the report’s print design such as the warped look of images and applied this look to time-lapse footage from the city of London. Additionally other elements such as fonts and colours were duplicated for consistency throughout the mediums.

The shoot itself was over a full day.
Unfortunately in the 2 offices [and whole building] we were in the air conditioned rooms that can’t be switched ‘off’.
The Sennheiser 416 mics easily pick up this low hum. However, by capturing a noise print in post production and applying the right amount of noise cancelling effect this can be effectively removed.

Post production: This was over five days and included a day with the clients in my office, followed by several amends and 2 versions being created. Motion graphics titles and time-lapse footage complemented the final look.

There was a tight turnaround to accompany the press launch, something I was made aware of before the job.

The client reaction included:
‘I can’t say enough how much I absolutely love this!  The music is great, as are the screen shots – all of it!  Thanks very much.’
‘Oh my goodness, we absolutely LOVE it!!  Thank you very much – looks great’

I’m also pleased how the project turned out and my additional camera op on the day was a pleasure to work with.

Gear & Tech
Canon C100 x 2
Canon 5D MKIII on slider
Canon 24-70mm F2.8L / Canon 70-200 IS F2.8L / Canon 17-55 IS F2.8 / Samyang 35mm 1.4
Sennheiser 416 x 2
Rode Videomic Pro
3 x video tripods and 3 x video heads
Dedolight 150w 3 Head Kit & 1000w photoflex with soft box