Campaign: advertising news magazine

Media: Photography

Behind the scenes
Mindshare advertising agency commissioned me for this group staff portrait
of senior CEOs for an upcoming announcement in Campaign, the advertising news magazine.
At the time this announcement was very hush hush so I had very limited options on choosing a location and was given the use of one small room to do the shoot in.

I spent about 30mins moving furniture and removing the carpet to expose the
wooden floor and setting up my equipment.
I only had about 20mins to do a couple of different group setups and then
individual 3/4 length portraits of the world CEOs.
After the photo shoot I dealt with the Haymarket team of Campaign sending the requested images to the required specifications.

The bottom line is with many photo shoots like this is to make the best with
what you have to work with. Ideally I would have identified an interesting
location within the clients premises and had more time to explore different
options and setups. However, this is where a photojournalist background is hugely valuable.

Gear & Tech:
Canon 5d mark II
Canon 85mm and 50mm F1.2 lenses and 24-70mm Canon zoom
Quantum Q flash with soft box
Quantum Turbo 2×2
Pocket wizard radio transmitters
Daylight bulbs with soft box lighting