360 Full Virtual Tour: Castle Gibson: Film locations house

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I can’t put a full virtual tour into wordpress so instead just click on the below image and you will be magically taken to the Castle Gibson Virtual tour.

Behind the scenes

What they do very well: Loads of fashion photo shoots with the likes of Kate Moss, music videos, BBC productions like Dragon’s Den and much more are filmed at Castle Gibson locations.
For up to date projects you can view their blog here. If you do want to plan a photo or video shoot at one of their locations let me know and I can help.

I met the owners of Castle Gibson when Rob a film locations manager friend of mine suggested it as an alternative wedding venue and so in 2009 this is where I got married.
Since the wedding I have kept a strong relationship with the Castle Gibson owners and went onto create a full 360 virtual door of their locations house.

The floor plans were an interesting challenge, you can open the floor plans and click to any floor and room and be taken directly there or click on the arrows from room to room.

360VR is a service I have been offering clients since 2008. I also like to use this technique in situations and events with lots of people which makes stitching and photographing a lot more challenging.

I can provide you with a more info. on this service if you are interested just drop me an email and you can see more examples on the KMPhotos website here:

Gear & Tech
Canon 5d mark II
Sigma 8mm fisheye lens
360 panoramic heads: 303SPH and Nodal Ninja
Stitching software
Lots of coding for the virtual flash tour

Campaign: advertising news magazine

Media: Photography

Behind the scenes
Mindshare advertising agency commissioned me for this group staff portrait
of senior CEOs for an upcoming announcement in Campaign, the advertising news magazine.
At the time this announcement was very hush hush so I had very limited options on choosing a location and was given the use of one small room to do the shoot in.

I spent about 30mins moving furniture and removing the carpet to expose the
wooden floor and setting up my equipment.
I only had about 20mins to do a couple of different group setups and then
individual 3/4 length portraits of the world CEOs.
After the photo shoot I dealt with the Haymarket team of Campaign sending the requested images to the required specifications.

The bottom line is with many photo shoots like this is to make the best with
what you have to work with. Ideally I would have identified an interesting
location within the clients premises and had more time to explore different
options and setups. However, this is where a photojournalist background is hugely valuable.

Gear & Tech:
Canon 5d mark II
Canon 85mm and 50mm F1.2 lenses and 24-70mm Canon zoom
Quantum Q flash with soft box
Quantum Turbo 2×2
Pocket wizard radio transmitters
Daylight bulbs with soft box lighting

Profile: UK Government Magazine: SEEDA

Media: Photography


Behind the scenes
I never showcased this project on my photo website so I thought I would give it a spotlight on the blog.
Initially I was contacted by London design agency smallbackroom and through them I photographed for the South East business Innovation & Growth team [funded by SEEDA].
The magazines were produced seasonally over a period of 15 months. Since the new government changes this means that SEEDA will officially end in 2012.

The photo shoots consisted of between 2-3 days for each edition. I would go to pre-arranged meetings with an interviewer and SEEDA representative and firstly take pictures during the interview and then have about 20 minutes to set-up and take environmental portraits along with some images of the business. This usually involved product images and other images of their premises.

Most of the environmental portraits were taken with the intention of being on the front cover of the magazine. The same method of leaving neutral / empty space and framing accordingly was required for the copy [text] when used on the inside pages.
Here you can download an example pdf of the magazine think_innovation.

Every location would be different and finding an interesting approach to take the portraits in was helped greatly with my photojournalism background and having the skills to adapt quickly in any given environment.

Gear & tech
Canon 5d mark II
Canon 16-35 / 24-70 and 70-200 zoom lenses and Canon primes
Quantum Qflash’s with soft boxes
Pocket wizard radio transmitters

Photojournalism: Child Support photo story

Media: Photojournalism


11 year old Yousef Ahmad Othman works 6 days a week for 8-9hrs per in a car repair factory and earns $25 a month. At present this is a summer job as Yousef is still attending the UNRWA school. When asked what would be his dream job Yousef said ‘a civil engineer’. Palestinians are excluded from many such professions in Lebanon.

11 year old Yousef Ahmad Othman at home with his family all of whom live in 2 rooms of a small building. Yousef’s father works as a taxi driver and the little money Yousef earns also helps to financially support his family.

13 year old Omar Shiahadi works on a busy market street gutting and selling fish for approximately $1 a day to support his poor mother and father.

13 year old Omar Shiahadi at home with his family.

13 year old Abdil Aziz Masah Dahar works as an electrical repairer six days a week from 8am to 6pm for the last 2 years and earns $20 per month. Abdill has six brothers and one sister. His father cannot work as result of a rocket attack from Israel wounding his stomach. Abdils dream job would be to work the electrical industry outside of the Ain al-Hilweh refugee camp.

13 year old Abdil Aziz Masah Dahar at home with his family.

12 year old Wadee Mahmoud el Saad works six days a week for up to nine hrs per day cleaning and making collections and deliveries in a butchers shop. Wadee has been doing this job on and off for the last 5 years earning approximately $40 a month for his work. Wadee has a brother Rizik [see next image] and lives in a household of six. Wadees mother had two husbands, the first died in the war in 1988 and the second is now paralysed and they are divorced. Wadees dream job would be a doctor, so as he could help people.

13 year old Rizik Mahmoud el Saad works six days a week all year round renting scooters, selling snack food and renting games to other children and makes $65 a month.

Wadee and Rizik Mahmoud el Saad at home with their mother, both sons offer financial support to their family.

15 year old Omar Jamal Mohammad works ten hour days, six days a week. Omar is one of seven children and makes $80 a month repairing and fitting window frames and other related materials. Omar does not like his job as it is often dangerous, either when installing windows or in the use of heavy cutting and drilling machinery. Omar has been injured in the past at work. Omars family all live in 2 rooms and the money he earns goes to help support his family. Omar’s dream job would be a teacher.

Omar Jamal Mohammad at home with his family.

14 year old Mohammad Omar Nadaf works on electrical repairs of cars for the last 2 months since leaving school. Working six day weeks for nearly 12hrs a day for approximately $27 a month. Mohammad has two brothers and one sister and a father in the PLO. His dream job is to run his own electrical repair shop.

Mohammad Omar Nadaf at home with his family.

13 year old Hassan Ahmad Al Jajj works nine hour days for five days a week for the past 1 year collecting and sorting rubbish for recycling, earning up to $65 a month. Hassan is one of seventeen children from one father who has three wives. Hassans father explains how the money Hassans earnings are added with other family members and needs to be carefully distributed to meet the needs of such a large family. He is also very concerned for the future of his children given their hardship situation and lack of assistance from charitable organisations. When Hassan was asked ‘if you could have any job in the world what would it be? like many of the other children he had no answer and simply said ‘because I woke up early this morning I had no time to dream’.

Hassan Ahmad Al Jajj with some of his very large family.

This last 15 year old Palestinian boy was working in a car garage just outside the refugee camp. I visited with his family in the refugee camp of Ain al-Hilweh but they did not give me permission to photograph the ‘at home shot’. However, I kept it in as I feel it’s a strong image.

Behind the scenes

Child Support is a photo essay from August 2008 looking at how children support their families by working in adult industries. The term ‘child support’ in the U.K. has very different connotations to the lives of many Palestinian families living in refugee camps. The children in this photo essay, from the Ain al-Hilweh refugee camp are the ones who are financially supporting their family due to the hardships of so many of the families living in the refugee camps across Lebanon.

The first photo of each child is taken at their place of work and the second at home with their family. All the children were asked ‘what would be your dream job if you could choose any job in the world’, most found this question impossible to answer because it is not something they give any thought too, growing up as a Palestinian in Lebanon and the situation they face socially and politically.

Although this photo story is from 2008 I wanted to highlight a photojournalism assignment  to showcase my background in photography and the variety of work I do.
On the back of this assignment I got to meet and photograph for The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in Lebanon.

I have spent several foreign trips over the years in refugee camps which are other worldly when I compare them to jobs that I have had in the Houses of Parliament, Claridges or to an interior photo shoot like the Hakkasan restaurant in Mayfair.
The individuals and organisations I have had the great pleasure of meeting in the camps are some of the most memorable people in my life and another reason why I love my job and the places it takes me.

My photojournalism style is also useful when I work with UK charity organisations on events and brochures, I will probably put another blog post of past UK charity work which includes private Royal visits.

I also guest lecture Photojournalism students at London College of Communication.
One of these stories was showcased on the prestigious foto8 website:

Key skills
Working in difficult environments.
Creating immediate relationships with people.
Working with fixers on locations.
Experience working for news / picture agency notably Camerapress.
Wiring images to newspapers and online publications.

Tatler Magazine: Event

Behind the scenes
Tatler magazine was the client and they organised a children’s event in the kids department at Selfridges Oxford street.

On site I set up a white background and used a wireless Quantum flash set up with soft box.
Immediate onsite printing was required so I hired a dye sublimation printer that was connected to my laptop which in turn my camera was tethered to.

Once I had taken a picture the children and families would go to the computer screen and choose their favourite images [my assistant helped me with this stage as this was a 2 person job]

Tatler had provided me with 2 mock up front covers, one for boys and one for girls. I created a batch command to add this layer to the photos and then automatically send to print.

As I used a dye-sub printer the prints were finished and dry 30 seconds later and then put into card frames. The job was for 2hrs and the service I provided was very popular so we printed lots of images and quite a few were of the Tatler staff getting in on the dressing up fun.

Its always essential to test equipment and set-ups before any shoot. Once I had the dye-sub printer delivered and all the necessary drivers installed and updated I made a test run through of the workflow in my office of my wife and daughter [see photo above].

Gear & Tech
Canon 5d mark II
Canon F2.8 L zoom lenses
Quantum Q flashes with soft box
Quantum Turbo 2×2
Pocket wizard radio transmitters
I was tethered to my laptop throughout the shoot for client viewing
Background and supports
Dye Sub printer