Conference / event multi cam full production services for KENEXA

Media: HDSLR Filming / Post Production / Photography

Behind the scenes
This is one full session [out off four] from a full day event for global company client KENEXA [publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange].
This is a 36mins clip but you can skip through it [ideally in HD] to get an idea of our production style.

We set up 3 cameras, two at the back of the room and one roaming.

Also included are 3 short interviews we filmed during a coffee break. We had only 10mins but still managed to pull off our signature multi-cam setup.
Unfortunately we were in the same room as the other delegates and therefore background busy networking noise is present.
A small note at the end of the clips the KM logo is old [as this was filmed at the end of 2011], the new one is less festive.

Photography was also documented [photojournalism style] and the client had an online viewable gallery [view here], downloadable full set and an available hard copy.

Post production
As usual I film with at least 3 full HD cameras and it was great to be able to cut between cameras to create an engaging final video for all viewers.
A forth video timeline was created for the slideshow presentations and using the wide shot as a reference the speakers slides are placed into the multi-cam timeline when required so the viewer can see the slides in full screen [this takes up quite a bit of time in the edit].
300gb is about the usual size of a data from an event like this, lots of processing power and storage, not to mention memory cards and batteries were required.
This was filmed before purchasing the impressive VAF-5D2 filter from the U.S. to reduce moire and aliasing on the Canon 5d mark II. Not many people yet have this filter, but it would have been useful to use with at least one of the delagates suits. More info can be found on our facebook page.

Gear and Tech
Sony NEX FS100 [back of the room camera]
2 x Canon 5d Mark II DSLR cameras
Canon 24-70mm F2.8L, Canon 70-200mm F2.8 IS and Canon 100-400 L IS
Zoom h4n with Sennheiser lapel mics x 2
Rode Videomic Pro
3 x Manfrotto video tripods and 3 x video heads
Dedolights full set
Pluraleyes for syncing of all 3 cameras with the master audio

New product review: CBL Lens White Balance Tool 110mm Professional Model.


Behind the scenes
I just received a new bit of kit for white balancing and its rather long name is the CBL Lens White Balance Tool 110mm Professional Model.

I decided to give this the most expensive white balancing tool I have bought [a lot more than a sheet of white paper] a test at our home helping my graphic designer wife with some imagery for an upcoming advertising project.

The first two images are of the CBL tool, simply placed in the same light as what you are taking the image/video of and at the correct angle.
Then all that is needed is to take a photo and set this as your custom white balance and select custom white balance on your camera.
The bottom line is that this will save you time in processing even if you shoot in raw like I do. I found it accurate and have read that it’s even more handy with complex mixed colour temperatures such as mixed daylight and tungsten light.

The magazine held up for design layout examples are from the great foto8 [see link to one of my photo stories on foto8 in 2004]

The statistics on our kitchen table shot and our daughters play food is not accurate, just a mock up. All this was setup, photographed, processed and designed in about 30mins so by no means a commissioned job standard, but we thought looked for the presentation purposes.

Back to the reason for this post and here is a proper in depth review that helped me decide before purchasing: