The State of the Economy 2012

Media: DSLR Filming / Post Production / Motion Graphics / Photography

Behind the scenes
We used three HD cameras on this production [and all other 2 person productions]. One fixed and operated with a Canon 100-400mm IS lens with Canon 1.4x converter alongside a wider shot with the Sony FS100, this was key for referencing on the edit where to put the presentation slides and for full room shots and edit cutaways.
The final Canon 5d MK11 camera was roaming with a 24-70 and 70-200IS F2.8 lenses for creative video angles and still photography documentation.

This was the first time I have filmed a full day event with Technicolor’s Cinestyle profile on the MKII’s.
I like the super flat profile which is then brought back to life in post production with Technicolor’s LUT curve [via  LUT Buddy] and some additional grading tweaks.
However, the encoding time even on a ‘beast’ of a computer is massively increased with the addition of the LUT correction, so much so that I am considering to only use the cinestyle for shorter interviews and film or music video projects.

For a full day event with around 6-7hrs of footage the massively increased post production time is not worth the end look, which if exposed correctly and shot with an adjusted canon colour profile [sharpness and saturation turned down] the result is not so dissimilar but encoding and rendering is much quicker and therefore a faster turnaround.

The above interview is one of our very quick multi camera interviews [behind the main stage]. We pre-set some dedolights and what I really like is the FS100 on a 50mm Canon prime lens wide open to match the full frame cinematic sensor of the Canon MK11 [which was stopped down to read the banner in the background].

Our approach and high production value style is available for full day conferences, seminars and events and differs greatly from other video companies who simply place a camera at the back of a room and press record and don’t use full frame or super35mm sensor HD cameras. The bottom line is we create visually engaging material for the client and the viewers.

Post production: Audio syncing
The conventional way is for the A/V team to lay down cabling to the video cameras from the mixing desk to all the cameras. I like to stay mobile and don’t need this connection. I use some very clever, award winning software called Pluraleyes to sync all the cameras in post production using a master recording from the mixing desk [through my digital broadcast recorder] and into the FS100 for a belt and braces backup.

For post production we worked to a script edit drawn up by the IEA [after an mp3 audio file of the full day was sent across for review]. We encode login and upload to the IEA social media channels which saves the client upload and delivery times.

DVD Duplication Service
We also provided the IEA with 250 DVD’s of the script edited 17min version. This process involves first authoring a DVD.
We could have added menus to select different scenes/chapters but this was not chosen by the IEA on this occassion to keep the costs down.
The IEA logo and some text were used to create the cover that was printed onto the DVD’s.

Motion Graphics
A new IEA motion graphic intro was also customised for the IEA. The version on the video has a clean IEA logo and the stand alone clip also has a textured stamp look which I personally prefer; the IEA decided on the clean look.

This is a new service that we are now offering existing and new clients after the success of our 2012 show reel work and are very pleased how this service has been received by such a well renowned organisation as the IEA.

If your organisation or company requires bespoke object visualisations / 3D modelling / motion graphics please contact for further information.

Gear & Tech
2 x Canon 5dMKII cameras and one Sony FS100 HD camera.
Zoom H4n external digital audio recorder. Pluraleyes for syncing.
Lenses: Canon 24-70mm F2.8L / Canon 70-200mm IS F2.8 L / Canon 100-400 IS / Canon 50mm prime for FS100 / Canon 1.4x converter / Sony zoom lens.
Dedolight full kit
Lapel mics for interviews
Litepanels Micro pro LED light
3 x Video tripods
Lots of 32gb CF and SD cards and batteries

“I’m absolutely delighted with the service we receive from Karim at Creative Visual Services. The photos and the multi camera video productions we receive are always imaginative, elegant and beautifully shot. Very highly recommended indeed.”
Mark Littlewood, Director General of the IEA