Marketforce Webinar: Broadcast live from the London Stock Exchange

Media: DSLR Videography / Photography / Post production services / Motion Graphics

Behind the scenes
I’ve photographed Marketforce corporate events over the last 9 years and in more recent years offered our filming productions.

This time round I was commissioned for 2 hours to photograph a behind the scenes look at one of their webinars which take place at the London stock exchange.

I was primarily assigned for photography but over the years with my 5DMK II I’ve adapted well to switching from stills to video and it’s almost second nature now.
On jobs like this where you can move freely, take to time to observe and compose each shot then the switchover works well, there are many other photography assignments where there simply isn’t the time to switch camera and brain settings into video mode [especially when variable ND filters are required].

As I was shooting stills I didn’t use a super flat colour profile for video post production grading which could have helped in the dimly lit edit suite with the rows of bright screens and the backlit windows in the green room.

I usually disregard some of the video footage where I zoom messily in on a lens, but due to the nature of this motion graphics project , the grading and music I felt it added to the cinematic drama.

At the end of the video you will also find our new motion graphic KM logo.

We are working on other customised motion graphic projects to complement our full production services. Stay tuned.

Gear & Tech
Canon 5D MKII
Canon 24-70mm F2.8L / Canon 70-200 IS F2.8L
Manfrotto 561

National Payroll Giving Excellence Awards at HM Treasury

Media: DSLR Videography / Photography / Post production services /Social Media / Press

Behind the scenes
It’s awards season!
For our client the Institute of Fundraising last year we inside No.11 Downing street [link to 2011 event], this year we are back at HM Treasury.

About the awards:
The National Payroll Giving Awards Event is held annually in October to celebrate the efforts of employers, charities and professional partnerships in promoting Payroll Giving in the work place. Any employer who has achieved a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum Payroll Giving Award Certificate is eligible to apply for entry to the National Payroll Giving Awards.

The Awards and Event are funded by HM Government, organised in conjunction with the Institute of Fundraising and administered by the Payroll Giving Centre.

As usual for our multi camera angle events we had 2 cameras filming the ceremony, one operated and the other a wide shot for cutaways and audience applause. I usually also film with my camera but as I was the official photographer [something I have done for over 10 years] there wasn’t  time.
Awards ceremonies are generally fast paced and there is so much to do in a short amount of time and as a photographer you have to cover the entire room, get the posed awards photos and capture the atmosphere and caught moments.
So until the interviews with the winners I was sticking to the role of the photographer.

For the interviews we used a new Sigma 50mm 1.4 on the Sony FS100 with metabones converter until it started giving us some strange problems [flickering]. This is must not be fully supported by metabones. Then we switched to a Canon 50mm prime which did the trick. The wider camera angle was the 5D MKII on a Canon 24-70 F2.8.
Lighting was by LED panels on lighting stands.

The venue A/V setup was quite poor. We used our wireless mics at both lecterns transmitting to the Sony FS 100 for sound as there was no option to take a feed from the mixing desk, the key here is always come prepared and liaise with A/V departments before any job.
Lighting  was also all over the place. We had several colour temps, one from the overly bright screen projectors, then the tungsten spot lights on the 2 lecterns and centre stage and finally a more fluorescent light over the audience.

All videos were synced, edited and graded and uploaded directly to the clients social media site.
Photography and videos were available for download on DVD-ROM.

Gear & Tech
Sony FS-100 / Canon 5D MKII / Canon 60D
Canon 24-70mm F2.8L / Canon 70-200 IS F2.8L / Canon 17-55 IS F2.8 /Sigma 50mm 1.4 / Canon 50mm 1.4
Manfrotto video tripod x 2
Canon 580ex flash with Quantum turbo 2×2 and soft box
Sennheiser ew 500 G3 Series and ew 100. 2 sets

“We have worked with Karim for six years on the NPGEA and find the service quick and of a very high standard.  Nothing is too complicated and the team is adaptable, meeting our exact needs.  This year again we used their video technology to add an extra dimension to our awards event at HM Treasury and promote the event using social media tools and the results speak for themselves”.
Lee Grant, Head of Membership Communities, IOF.

Mars: 5 day UK tour / Fulham stadium, Mars chocolate HQ, Houses of Parliament

                                                                 Media: DSLR Videography / Photography / Post production services / Motion Graphics

Behind the scenes
For this commission the brief was to document a winning Mars chocolate sales team from Mexico on a whirlwind tour of UK destinations.

We visited, Westminster abbey, Boisdale at Canary Wharf, the British Museum, the M&M shop in Leicester square, Mars chocolate HQ, Windsor Castle, Cliveden House, Fulham stadium, the London eye and the Houses of Parliament, with a Lord.

I have been to many of these locations before, some on many occasions such as the Houses of Parliament. Fulham stadium / Craven Cottage was new for me and along with the photo documentation I filmed the day’s action.

Straight after the 50min match between the old rivals Snickers Vs Milky Way I made an onsite highlight edit of the photos and displayed a slide show on a large LED screen in the Chairman’s club where everyone was having lunch.

During the game I operated one camera [switching regularly between stills and video] and had another DSLR filming on a tripod. It was unfortunate that it was raining during the match as it limited my angles and setup [would have loved to put cameras behind the goal nets].

The final day of the trip was a tour and dinner at the Houses of Parliament where everyone would get a chance to see a show reel of the weeks work. I chose the format of a customised motion graphic show reel [you can view several others on the KM site] with music as my means of displaying and the client was very pleased.
In less than 24hrs this needed to be complete and at times I thought there simply wasn’t going to be enough time as I like to spend longer on show reels, especially on the complicated ones where you need to make many tweaks and finishing touches.

The client had 587 high res adjusted jpegs in total.

With up to 14hr days and a new 3 week old son at home it was a long week but it was made easier meeting and working with some great people and a special thanks goes to Sergio for your Mexican football shirt, much appreciated.

Gear & Tech
Canon 5D MKII / Canon 60D
Canon 24-70mm F2.8L / Canon 70-200 IS F2.8L / Canon 17-55 IS F2.8
Manfrotto video tripod and 561 monopod
Canon 580ex flash with Quantum turbo 2×2 and soft box

IEA: Staff portraits in Westminster

Media: Photography

Behind the scenes
It’s been two years since the last IEA staff portrait photo shoot, which was done indoors. This time we were in Victoria Tower Gardens overlooking parliament.
It was a sunny day but I didn’t want everyone squinting from the sun so everyone was photographed standing in the shade and I used a wireless quantum Qflash with soft box [radio triggers were used as IR never works well outdoors] to balance with the sunny background with the occasional signs of bokeh.
One problem was that there was about 15 members of staff and as the sun moved, I would have to reposition and find a spot where the subject could stand in the shade.

The full gallery has 116 high res carefully corrected images.
The IEA also requested a few images of parliament and there are a few of those in this post.

Gear & Tech
Canon 5D MKII
Canon 24-70mm F2.8L / Canon 70-200 IS F2.8L
Quantum QFlash with Quantum turbo 2×2 and soft box
Pocket wizard radio triggers


Hay Group London corporate event, interviews and show reel

Media: DSLR Videography / Photography / Post production services / Motion Graphics

Behind the scenes
Another new client!
We were pleased to get the call to film and photograph this event for the Hay Group at the Fishmongers Hall in London bridge.

This was also the first professional outing for the Canon 5DMKIII which showed off its low noise at high iso’s up to 5000 when used with the 100 -400mm is lens wide open at f5.6 as the master close up shot.
The almost 30mins recording time and audio monitoring were an additional help over the MKII.

Tip: If you’re shooting with a 5DMKIII, make sure you turn your image sharpness all the way off in your camera profile and add sharpening in post when color grading, this is not the case for the 5DMKII but makes a huge difference with the MKIII, thanks goes to Philip Bloom for sharing his finding on this matter.

We always prefer to film our multi camera angle interviews in a quiet room and in this case we requested and set up the lights in a private room in the morning and after the 5hr event we filmed interviews with delegates and speakers.
One such clip can be viewed above.

By contrast you can also find us in the middle of a busy networking session or at an outdoors event in the thick of it with a handheld wireless microphone.

Gear & Tech
Canon 5D MKIII
Canon 5D MKII
Sony NEX FS100
Metabones converter
Canon 50mm EF F1.4 / Canon 24-70mm F2.8L / Canon 70-200 IS F2.8L / Canon 100-400 L IS / Canon 17-55 IS F2.8
Zoom H4n
Sennheiser wireless kit lapel mics x 2
Rode Videomic Pro
3 x Manfrotto video tripods and 3 x video heads
LED lightpanels
Dedolight kit