Index on Censorship: Freedom of Expression Awards Ceremony

                                                                             Media: Photography / HDSLR Video / Post Production / 360 VR / Social Media

2011 show reel with YouTube annotations to full length speeches.
Best to view in 720p [bottom right corner in the YouTube window].
HD videos are multi camera interviews with the award winners.

Photo highlights starting from 2011 and going back to 2006 and a 360VR


Behind the scences
There probably aren’t enough great words I can say about the work this organisation does and the people and groups they highlight. The work that Index does is of great personal interest to me and I am very proud every year that I continue to work with them.

Since 2006 I have been the official photographer for their prestigious Freedom of Expression Awards ceremony and have had the pleasure to meet and become humbled by the work of so many of the worthy award nominees and winners.

You can take a look at who Index are and the work they do here.
‘Index on Censorship is Britain’s leading organisation promoting freedom of expression. Our website provides up-to-the-minute news and information on free expression from around the world.’

This year on the back of one of my first HD video show reels ever, I proposed to film the entire 2011 ceremony alongside my photography. I usually work alone but increasingly I need to outsource additional crew members as the productions I work on grow in size [my HDSLR micro crew approach to production still applies to all size productions].

A huge amount of work to do on the night, lots of discrete moving around to get good angles which was a little difficult due to the shape of the theatre.
The drinks reception was filmed and photographed first then the full awards ceremony and at about 10:30pm after everyone had [almost] cleared the main room, lighting was set-up for 3 multi camera interviews of the award winners [those who aren’t imprisoned or in exile around the world].

Post production
A multi camera timeline edit with the 4 cameras I knew was going to be a challenge given the short turnaround. The file sizes as usual were huge and with nearly 200gb of full HD footage I had to move fast.
I needed to watch the entire length of the awards ceremony watching all 4 cameras simultaneously on screen to determine when to cut from different cameras.
Computer encoding and rendering was what took the longest and once this was done, ideally I would have liked to tweak a few scenes and watch the footage several times again but there wasn’t time.

I find that if one of my clients has a YouTube account [I also help set these up for my clients] I login and upload directly from my studio as this saves time and possible problems with playback/ viewing and bandwidth some organisations seem to have with large uploads and video files; this service is now popular with several of my clients.

I also cut the full length video into smaller sections, uploaded these as separate video clips focussing on separate speakers and award winners and then used YouTube’s newish annotations feature to link them to the show reel I edited.
The show reel was the final edit which also mimics the closest look to my photography, I like fast edits and showcasing many angles and viewpoints.

Gear & Tech
I used 3 Canon 5d mark ii cameras, one for the aerial shot operated by remote control, very cool only it was a shame the stage light and the audience light levels were not more similar and a Sony HD video camera.
3 cameras were fixed and I used one of the 5d mark ii cameras to roam around the auditorium to film from different angles and take photographs.
A full Dedolight lighting kit was used for the interviews. Lapel mic’s connected to a Zoom H4n external audio recorder. Quantum Qflash wireless flash for the portraits.