360 Full Virtual Tour: Castle Gibson: Film locations house

Media: Photography / 36o Full Virtual Tour

I can’t put a full virtual tour into wordpress so instead just click on the below image and you will be magically taken to the Castle Gibson Virtual tour.

Behind the scenes

What they do very well: Loads of fashion photo shoots with the likes of Kate Moss, music videos, BBC productions like Dragon’s Den and much more are filmed at Castle Gibson locations.
For up to date projects you can view their blog here. If you do want to plan a photo or video shoot at one of their locations let me know and I can help.

I met the owners of Castle Gibson when Rob a film locations manager friend of mine suggested it as an alternative wedding venue and so in 2009 this is where I got married.
Since the wedding I have kept a strong relationship with the Castle Gibson owners and went onto create a full 360 virtual door of their locations house.

The floor plans were an interesting challenge, you can open the floor plans and click to any floor and room and be taken directly there or click on the arrows from room to room.

360VR is a service I have been offering clients since 2008. I also like to use this technique in situations and events with lots of people which makes stitching and photographing a lot more challenging.

I can provide you with a more info. on this service if you are interested just drop me an email and you can see more examples on the KMPhotos website here:

Gear & Tech
Canon 5d mark II
Sigma 8mm fisheye lens
360 panoramic heads: 303SPH and Nodal Ninja
Stitching software
Lots of coding for the virtual flash tour